Response to the recent discriminatory remarks made by two legislative councillors

The Gay Games has been an internationally celebrated event for promoting LGBT rights since its first edition in 1982. Having successfully competed against many other cities globally, the 2022 event is the result of years of hard work of the hosting committee in Hong Kong. It would be a special and unique occasion for the city to be presented to the world.

One of the two lawmakers claimed that participation in the Games is disgraceful, implying that it is an event for sexual activities. The other, out of thin air, claimed that the event would attract opposing voices and divide society. Being in the 21st century, their attitude towards LGBT people is inappropriate and unacceptable. Contrary to their claim, sexual activities at public sports grounds are historically unheard of. It was an act of deliberate contempt and ignorance. Their discriminatory remarks not only further deepened existing antagonism in society but also gave the world a negative impression of Hong Kong as a homophobic and backward city.