HPV 病毒,全名人類乳頭瘤病毒,是可以導致性器官疣及特定癌症的病毒, 無論是發展成怎樣的病症,都會嚴重影響一個人的健康,及日常生活, 但是這是可以避免的,透過疫苗跟檢測,可以預防自己被HPV感染,保障自己跟身邊的人。

HPV, as known as Human Papillomavirus, is a virus could cause genital warts and certain cancers. No matter which disease it could cause, it could heavily impact one’s health, and their daily life. However, HPV is avoidable, vaccination and test could prevent you from get infected, protect yourselves and the people you love.